Open Day of the Educational Day Care Center for Minors in Bedizzole.

The excitement is palpable within the walls of Bedizzole's Educational Day Care Center for Minors, which is preparing to welcome the community for a transformative event: the Open Day.
This is not just a presentation event; it is the inauguration of a vital dialogue, a celebration of the meeting and exchange of ideas that animate the social fabric of our area.

During these two days, Bedizzole will become the beating heart of a deep collaboration, hosting parents, educators, and professional figures in an event that aims to weave together a network of educational support.
This network is not simply a collection of contacts, but a true living organism, intended to nurture and promote positive change within our community.


The Open Day thus proves to be a catalyst of forces, a platform from which to launch innovative educational initiatives and where personal stories of growth are intertwined, resulting in an educational model that values the uniqueness of each young citizen.


We are at the crossroads of an exciting journey, and with your valuable input, we will turn this meeting into a powerful lever for education and social inclusion.
We look forward to seeing you there, so that together we can open the doors to a future of unlimited possibilities for our minors and for the entire community of Bedizzole.

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