Asylum seeker support

In a rapidly changing world where boundaries shift and lives intertwine in unexpected ways, our Cooperative is committed to being a beacon of hope and support for those seeking refuge and safety.
We firmly believe that every person deserves a second chance and a safe place to start over.

Our mission is to assist asylum seekers in their transition to a new life, providing not only a roof over their heads, but also a welcoming environment where they can rebuild their lives with dignity and respect.
We are committed to providing support in every aspect of daily life, helping our guests integrate into society and develop the skills they need to thrive in their new environment.

Psychological Support

The goal is to enrich the experience of applicants housed in our facilities through the provision of a service that can take charge of psychological distress, often the result of trauma prior to arrival in Italy or produced by culture shock. An organized listening space that is also concerned with investigating what the critical points may be during the applicant's bureaucratic process. 

Language Support

Our Cooperative's teaching team consists of a close-knit group of professionals who deal with the literacy process of asylum seekers every day. Thanks to their long experience in the field of teaching foreigners and possession of D.ITAL.S. certificates, our teachers accompany asylum seekers to the acquisition of the language tools necessary for proper cultural integration. 

Legal and Bureaucratic Support

The Cooperative follows the applicant through theentire legal process required by law, taking care of the management of appointments with institutions and informing its guests of any bureaucratic deadlines. Fausto Conter is the Organizational Manager, coordinating the work of the operators who direct the individual locations and managing contacts with the Police Head quarters and Prefecture. Lawyer Luca Simoni and Lawyer Daniela Gasparin are in charge of drafting together with applicants their life histories before they are forwarded to the Commission, personally going to each location accompanied by certified translators and meeting with their clients individually. In addition, if the application is denied in the first instance, they handle the eventual appeal by following every aspect of it.

Health Support

Following regional public health regulations, workers at each location ensure that all applicants undergo the health treatments required by law for non-EU citizens. In cooperation with the relevant territorial bodies and the offices of Hygiene, the Cooperative accompanies the asylum seekers throughout the entire process of medical control and prevention necessary for the care of the individual and public health. Meetings are also organized at individual locations where basic precepts for good personal hygiene and basic tips for a balanced diet are exposed to the guests.

Support in orientation and job placement

In addition to language training, the Cooperative is also involved in developing educational training projects dedicated to asylum seekers interested in acquiring the tools necessary for eventual placement in the world of work. In cooperation with training institutions (Atena Group) and provincial Labor Offices, cyclically, professionalizing courses are offered at each location that asylum seekers can join. The Cooperative's central offices also support our guests in their job search by providing links to the main temporary agencies and filling out their Curriculum Vitae together with the applicants.

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